Casino Server With Drinks
Serving Drinks and Laughing
Employee With Smartphone
Manager With Smartwatch
Brandy, Cigar and Slots
Manager With Tablet
Slot Players Drinking Wine
At WRG we specialize in providing our casino clients with Real Time Action™ (RTA) solutions that are critical to the success of every team member.

A customer enters your casino and immediately begins interacting with your environment, employees, and technologies.

Everything that makes up the customer experience is in your control via the RTA dashboard on your console, iPad, smart phone, tablet or smart watch.

Every moment just became an opportunity to:
  • Prioritize, queue, monitor and improve each customer service interaction
  • Strategically create and efficiently deploy customized, quality guest services configurable to your unique customer service standards
  • Create a superior social gaming experience so your guests become a satisfied external sales force for your brand
Best of all, RTA Solutions manage information flow in real time, as it happens. This provides a new level of control to direct employees to respond quickly and precisely as you mandate.

Management views vital information "on-the-fly" on everything including employee activity, customer service status, play experience, likes, dislikes, spending habits, and much more.

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General Manager

  • Maximize Profits
  • Increase Property Revenue
  • Differentiate Service
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Control Employee Costs


  • Open system standard technology and reporting approach
  • 24/7 Tech Support – Ticket Management - Help Desk Documentation
  • Browser-based RTA works with any smartphone, tablet, and smart watch platform
  • Can be hosted locally or remotely, physical or virtual environments
  • Proven Reliable Technology 99.99+ uptime over 100+ deployments over 14 years

VP - Slot Operations

  • Drive Team Member Utilization
  • Minimize Training Requirements
  • RTA works on same device with third-party apps
  • Customized Screens and UI Flow to Client Specs
  • Establish and deliver superior response time standards
  • Positively impact customer survey response objectives
  • Reduce, eliminate, or integrate radio communications
  • Tech Module provides support for Electronic Meal Book
  • Supervisor Module Optimizes Team Member Management
  • Precise Employee Deployment controlled via User Log-in
  • Customize RTA rules settings to decide how resources are deployed by customer profile, value, experience / employee designation / interaction event type, and location

VP - Food & Beverage

  • Automate Beverage Service from Order to Production to Delivery
  • Production Module integrates prioritized service objectives
  • Supervisor Module optimizes Team Member Management
  • Precise Employee Deployment controlled via User Log-in
  • Supports one server and/or runner mode implementations
  • Track and report on all Service Executions in Real Time
  • Connects with POS for improved processes/reporting
  • Dramatically impacts Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Prioritize Service by player tier, location, time
  • Differentiate ordering options by player value
  • Accurate Employee Performance reporting
  • Drive Team Member Utilization

VP - Host / Concierge

  • Prioritize and track VIP Customers Play Outcome and Experience to initiate personalized and targeted interactions; Identify and track valuable Carded and Uncarded Players
  • Automatically link hosts to assigned players and track all customer engagements

VP - Customer Service

  • Integrated solutions manage every player's "on-property" experience across all departments with controlled personnel interactions designed to drive customer satisfaction survey scores
  • Align survey responses to actual experience to establish meaningful service standards

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