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Helping clients optimize our Real Time Action™ (RTA) solutions to improve their operating efficiencies and drive their revenue growth.

For over 17 years, The William Ryan Group has lead the deployment of real time business intelligence tools in the gaming, financial services and retail industries.

Our partnerships with the world's leading financial services firms and largest gaming casino operators have positioned WRG as a premiere provider for agile customer engagement and precise employee deployment systems.

WRG provides our clients the ability to identify and automate the Real Time Action™ solutions that produce the results that are critical to their success

RTA Gaming Solutions
Through 2014, over 100 deployments across 25 jurisdictions will use our Real Time Action™ solutions as their winning edge.

WRG's RTA gaming service delivery applications optimize the value of your customer's interactions during their entire casino visit. Our proprietary rules-based system supports casino management's ability to program their operating environment to deliver "Your Customer Service, Your Way".

The Real Time Action™ open standard approach provides management the option to "select the device to fit the task" and the mobility to manage "at a glance" the entire range and quality of every customer interaction across the casino floor.

From the moment they step foot on the curb until their satisfied departure, personalized customer engagements, customized service rules settings and real time management alerts and scorecards enable your casino to differentiate a customers experience from your competitors.

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New York Stock Exchange
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Financial Solutions
WRG is the NYSE's preferred provider of Execution Cost Management (ECM) solutions to its Member Firms.

Time is money – and nowhere on earth is that statement more true than the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Every NYSE transaction is affected by timing factors and trading fees - the true cost of trading.

Our ECM solutions provide our clients the information they need to improve the efficiencies of their trading activity. All of which is even more powerful when paired with the ECM Advantage, a suite of adjunct reports and analytics covering everything from Broker Performance Summaries and Commission Invoicing, to Client Profitability and Retention.

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Retail Store
RTA Retail Solutions
WRG has implemented dynamic Real Time Action™ in-store POS multimedia solutions in different retail environments, and is linking our RTA VIP/Concierge solution to automate personalized ordering and managed production for online and mobile ordering implementations.

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