Our proprietary Execution Cost Management (ECM) reports are your competitive advantage.

As the NYSE's only approved provider of execution cost analysis reporting to its member firms, the William Ryan Group's expertise interpreting and analyzing trade data with proprietary software applications is second-to-none.

Our ECM reporting solutions put everything you need to capture, analyze and quantify the cost of NYSE trading at your fingertips.

Make more informed decisions with ECM reports that are:
  • Web-based and accessible 24/7
  • Easy to download and understand
  • Accompanied by customer support – providing everything you need to make more informed decisions
  • Customizable to match your business needs - in today's fast-changing environment, the ability to review execution details as they pertain to your business is the best way to maximize profits and overall growth

Get the whole picture with ECM_advantage, a suite of adjunct reports that provide additional critical information, including:

Invoicing and Retention Reports

The WRG NYSE Upgrade Package offers NYSE Member Firms a suite of three offerings designed to simplify business operations and regulatory compliance.
  • Monthly Client Invoices: At the end of each billing month, WRG provides you with the NYSE commission invoices for your clients, including all of the relevant trade data required to fulfill client requirements. The invoices are accompanied by an Accounts Receivable Summary to enable proper management and oversight of client billings. Available daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Trade Execution Analysis Report (the "TEAR Report"): The TEAR Report presents a daily record all of the Order and Report elements required for retention by NYSE Regulation. The daily TEAR Report is archived by WRG and made available to assist NYSE Member Firms fulfill any trade data requests or audits conducted by NYSE Regulation. Presented daily on-line.
  • Estimated NYSE Invoice: WRG provides an estimated month-end NYSE Invoice Report, in the same format as the monthly NYSE trading fee invoice, listing the trading fees incurred and the liquidity rebates earned for all trade days within the month. In addition, a daily summary report that can be compared with the NYSE invoice to identify fee discrepancies.

Commissions/Profitability Reports

  • Client Profitability Reports: The Client Profitability Analysis presents a monthly Analysis of the commission charged by a NYSE member firm to each of its clients net of NYSE trading fees (take and route fees less any liquidity providing rebates) to provide the profit earned by the Member Firm during the month from each client. Available daily, weekly, monthly.

Performance Summary Reports

  • Algo Fees: The Algo Fee Analysis presents the Algo usage fees associated with all NYSE and AMEX trade executions incurred during the month. The Analysis also presents the Algo usage fees incurred by EFM, Broker, and Agency to allow for detailed review of Algo usage and costs.
  • $2 Broker Trade Report: This Report presents all of the detail associated with the shares and costs for trades executed by other floor firms to assist in reconciling $2 Broker trade charges. Delivered Monthly via e-mail.
  • ECM Analysis (ALL Venues): This analysis presents the net cost of your firm's trade executions across all trading venues. Incorporating your OMS trading data with NYSE trade data, the Analysis presents all take, add and route charges and liquidity providing rebates on a monthly basis broken down by Client, EFM, and Venue. Available daily, weekly, monthly.
  • NYSE Compliance FESC Reporting: These Reports have been prepared in conjunction with NYSE Member Firms and are intended to identify trades and/or conditions that may be considered in violation of securities laws and/or NYSE Regulations. Available daily, weekly, monthly.

Customized Reports

  • Customizable to match your business needs - in today's fast-changing environment, the ability to review execution details as they pertain to your business is the best way to maximize profits and overall growth.

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